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As of sales date 23 April 2024 and for travel dates from 4 November 2024, the new comfort class names are Eurostar Standard, Eurostar Plus and Eurostar Premier.
What is Eurostar to London
  • Eurostar to London is a high-speed train travelling between the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Great Britain. This trains travels through the Channel Tunnel.
  • Eurostar to London is a passenger train. Transporting motor vehicles is not possible.
  • Maximum speed: 300 km per hour (186 miles per hour)
  • Travels from city centre to city centre. Eurostar stations: London St. Pancras International, Brussel-Zuid/Midi, Lille Europe, Paris Nord, Rotterdam Centraal, Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Centraal.
  • Eurostar to London runs several times a day.
  • Exception: Eurostar to London does not run on Christmas Day, 25 December.
Direct connection London – Amsterdam
  • Eurostar to London runs three times a day directly from London (via Brussels-Midi and Rotterdam) to Amsterdam. The journey takes around 3 hours and 55 minutes (London ⇔ Amsterdam).
  • The table below provides the schedule of the direct trains:
  Train 9112 Train 9126 Train 9150 Train 9150
 London St. Pancras International 07:16 11:04 17:16 17:19
 Brussels-Midi 10:22 14:22 20:22 20:22
 Rotterdam 11:32 15:32 21:32 21:32
 Amsterdam 12:11 16:11 22:11 22:44
 Mondays - Fridays X X X  
 Saturdays X X    
 Sundays   X   X
Please note: On 24 December, train 9150 runs to Brussel-Zuid/Midi, not to Amsterdam Centraal.
  • There are three classes on Eurostar to London:
    • Standard / Eurostar Standard (2nd class)
    • Standard Premier / Eurostar Plus (1st class with meal (or snack for Eurostar NL - Brussels-Midi, in either direction) and drinks)
    • Business Premier / Eurostar Premier (deluxe 1st class with meal, drinks and additional services)
  • See Eurostar to London » Facilities on board.
  • Discount on fun activities in London with your Eurostar ticket.
  • Eurostar has a loyalty programme Club Eurostar.
Checking in
  • A check-in procedure applies to Eurostar to London, in which the ticket, luggage and proof of identity are checked.
  • The check-in procedure starts 90 minutes before departure. Take this into account in your itinerary; the Eurostar Departure Terminal ticket gates close 30 minutes before departure.
    • Exception: For passengers with a Business Premier ticket the ticket gates close 20 minutes before departure (in Brussels/London/Paris this is 15 minutes before departure).
    • Exception: Passengers with a group ticket observe the check-in time that is indicated on their ticket.
  • Click on the station plan for the location of the Eurostar check-in desk in Brussels.
  • Read more on check-in (with animation) and a station plan of the Eurostar terminal in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.
  • A ticket is always personal and non-transferable. The passenger's name must correspond to the name as indicated in the passenger's passport or ID-card (if a passenger has multiple first names, only the first needs to be filled in).
    • An obvious typing error in the passenger's name is ignored by the train personnel.
    • If a name needs to be changed, book a new ticket and then cancel the original ticket according to the regular fare conditions.
    • When you use your partner's surname but this name is not indicated in your passport, bring a copy of the marriage licence or proof of registered partnership.
Fare structure
  • Eurostar to London tickets:
    • Reservations are compulsory. A seat reservation is included in the ticket.
    • The ticket is only valid on the date and train as indicated on the ticket.
    • Eurostar to London can be booked at varying fares. In general: the lower the ticket price, the more restrictions for changing bookings and refunds apply.
    • Eurostar to London has a number of discounted fares for return trips. This means that the price for a return trip is lower than for two single journeys. The discount no longer applies when one of the legs of the return trip is cancelled. The price of the ticket for the remaining single journey is automatically recalculated. The customer is then charged for the price difference.
  • Each carrier has its own fare system. For this reason, it is not permitted:
    • to travel with a ticket for Intercity Brussels on Eurostar.
    • to travel with a ticket for Eurostar to London on Intercity Brussels or on Eurostar to Belgium/France.
    • to travel with a ticket for Eurostar to Belgium/France on Intercity Brussels or on Eurostar to London.
      • You can use your Eurostar ticket on Intercity Brussels only for a journey to/from Brussels zone.
      • Note: Brussels Airport - Zaventem is outside this city zone.
More information
  • A ticket for Eurostar to Londen can be booked:
    • on
    • with NS International Customer service: +31 30-230 00 23 (daily between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m.)
    • at NS International Service desks
    • with NS International travel agents
  • Eurostar trains are bookable up to 330 days in advance.

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