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  • Check the customs rules before travelling. Items not permitted by customs or another government body are also prohibited on Eurostar to London.
  • Although there is no weight restriction, you must be able to carry all your luggage yourself.
  • You remain responsible for your own luggage during the journey.
  • You must continue to supervise your luggage throughout the journey.
  • Place your luggage on the luggage racks or under the seats in the carriage you are in.
  • Label all luggage with your first and last name, seat and row number, and final destination.
  • Luggage must be available for inspection by security staff at all times.
Regular luggage
Each passenger may take the following luggage on board:
  • 2 items of regular luggage such as a suitcase or bag of no more than 85 cm and 1 item of hand luggage, handbag size.
    • Passengers with a Business Premier ticket may take 1 additional item of regular luggage.
    • Are you travelling with Travel Assistence and do you also need help with your luggage? Your luggage may not exceed 15 kg.
  • Children aged up to 11 may take a maximum of 1 suitcase of no more than 85 cm and 1 item of hand luggage.
    • Children travelling for free (aged up to 3) may not take any luggage of their own.
    • However, you may take 1 buggy or pushchair (folded up) and 1 children's seat (Maxi-Cosi type) per child for free, in addition to the individual luggage.
  • Musical instruments
    • Violins, guitars and other small instruments
      • Musical instruments smaller than 85 cm can travel on the train as part of your regular luggage.
      • Guitars can travel on the train as part of regular luggage, provided they are in a case.
    • Cellos and other medium-sized instruments
      • Instruments that are between 85 cm and 136 cm long and transported in a suitcase must be transported using an international courier service. For these instruments, an accompanying ticket can also be purchased from Eurostar customer service. The instrument can then be transported in the seat next to the passenger.
    • Harps, double basses and other large instruments
      • Instruments longer than 136 cm must be transported using an international courier service. If possible, register the instrument well in advance, this will give you the best chance of carrying it on the Eurostar you are travelling on.
    • Sports and camping equipment
      • Tents and other forms of shelter packed in bags or suitcases no longer than 85 cm.
      • Sports sticks, billiard and snooker cues and darts packed in a protective case.
      • Golf bags not exceeding 120 x 35 x 35 cm. 
Not allowed
  • Goods prohibited by customs or other government agency. For example, the following goods are not allowed:
    • Weapons and sporting weapons, such as crossbows or throwing spears.
      • Also replica or toy guns that can be mistaken for real guns.
    • Oxygen bottles, unless demonstrably necessary with a medical passport.
    • Ammunition and fireworks.
    • Explosive or flammable substances (such as lighter gas, methylated spirits) except in minute quantities.
    • Knives with a blade longer than 75 mm (3 inches).
  • Due to the risk of fire, e-scooters and hoverboards are not permitted.
Alcohol regulations
  • Per person you may bring:
    • For use on the train: Maximum 4 bottles/cans of beer or 1 bottle of wine.
    • Closed packaging:
      • Max. 4 liters of spirits (with an alcohol content of 22% or higher).
      • And max. 42 liters of beer or max. 18 liters of wine.
  • Eurostar has the right to refuse a passenger access to the train if he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Alcohol is also available at the bar on the train and from the menus in first class, but you must use alcohol sensibly and be considerate of other passengers. If a passenger does not comply with the regulations or law, Eurostar has the right to remove the passenger from the train.
  • Eurostar has the right to confiscate alcohol, both during baggage checks and on board.
  • No alcohol during (sports) events.
    • During sports events you are not allowed to bring alcohol and alcohol is not available at the bar on the train. You may only bring non-alcoholic drinks in unopened bottles or cans.
What next
  • If the regular luggage meets the conditions, you can take it on board and stow it on the luggage racks provided for this on the train.
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