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On the direct train to/from the Netherlands to London, you can bring a folding bike or children's bike on board as long as it does not exceed 85 cm in length and is carried in a protective bag which covers the entire bike. This is to protect your bike, other people and their luggage at the station, when going through security and on board the train.
Packed and disassembled bicycle 
  • A maximum of one packed bicycle (folding or otherwise) per person.
  • The bicycle must be folded up or disassembled.
  • The bicycle must be packed in a cover going over the entire bicycle. The dimensions are a maximum of 85 cm.
  • Apart from the bicycle, you can take one regular item of luggage (such as a suitcase, bag or trolley) and one item of hand luggage on board with you.
International passengers
  • Passengers travelling with a bicycle on Dutch domestic trains can only travel during off-peak hours. This means that you cannot register a bicycle for a train that runs during peak hours. The restriction to travel during off-peak hours does not apply to international travellers. They are also allowed to travel during peak hours upon presentation of their international ticket.
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