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As of sales date 23 April 2024 and for travel dates from 4 November 2024, the new comfort class names are Eurostar Standard, Eurostar Plus and Eurostar Premier.
Travelling with a wheelchair
The following conditions apply to travelling with a wheelchair (electric or otherwise):
  • A reduced fare is available for travellers with a wheelchair. This fare can only be booked when booking the wheelchair space.
  • There are wheelchair spaces on each train for a wheelchair (electric or otherwise) with a maximum width of 70 cm and a maximum length of 120 cm.
  • The wheelchair spaces are located in coaches 3 en 14 (Standard Premier / Eurostar Plus or Business Premier / Eurostar Premier). In older trains the wheelchair spaces are located in coaches 9 and 10.
  • If you wish to take a folded-up wheelchair, this goes as luggage and you travel for a regular fare in a regular seat. See the conditions at Eurostar to London » Travelling with luggage.
  • There is a reduced fare for those accompanying passengers with a wheelchair. A maximum of one accompanying passenger is permitted at this fare.
Travelling with a mobility scooter
The same conditions and dimensions apply to a mobility scooter as to a wheelchair (electric or otherwise).
  • The mobility scooter is placed in a wheelchair space.
  • Only mobility scooters using a battery or electricity (not fuel) are permitted.
Travelling with a visual impairment
  • No special fare is available for travellers with a visual impairment, they travel at regular fares.
  • There is also no special fare for those accompanying passengers with visual impairment. 
Companion/Accompanying passenger
  • There is a Begeleiderstarief [accompanying-passenger fare] for the person accompanying a passenger in a wheelchair.
  • The passenger with a disability may be accompanied by one person at this fare. If there are more accompanying passengers, they travel at the regular fares.
  • The accompanying passenger must be aged 16 or over on the day of travel. 
Travelling with a guide dog or assistance animal
Oxygen canisters, medicines, etc.
Insulin syringes, small oxygen canisters (no more than 1 per train), and large quantities of medicines are only permitted with a medical certificate. 
Requesting travel assistance
  • You can request assistance with getting on and off the train from NS Travel Assistance.
  • Requests for assistance during an international journey should be submitted at least 24 hours before departure of the train.
    • If a passenger books within the 24-hour period, please explain that assistance can only be arranged for the Dutch part of the journey, and refer the customer to the railway company of the country involved to request travel assistance abroad.
  • If you need help with your luggage, you can bring one bag that weighs no more than 15 kg.
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