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What is ICE International
  • ICE is an abbreviation of Intercity Express. ICE International is a high-speed train running from Amsterdam, Utrecht and Arnhem via Emmerich to Oberhausen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf Hbf, Cologne, Frankfurt and Basel.
  • For this train, you purchase a ticket and, optionally, a separate seat reservation. While reserving a seat is not compulsory outside the summer season, it is highly recommended.
    • Due to expected crowds, a seat reservation for ICE International is mandatory from 1 June up to 1 September 2024.
  • You can book ICE up to 180 days in advance.
  • ICE has first and second-class coaches. You have various facilities available to you on ICE, depending on which class you are in: Please see ICE » Facilities on board for an overview.
Fare structure
  • ICE tickets are available at various fares.
  • The price depends on:
    • The class you are travelling in.
    • The flexibility with respect to options for changing or cancelling. In general: the lower the ticket price, the more restrictions for changing and cancelling bookings. 
    • The time of booking: booking early increases the chance of inexpensive tickets.
    • Discount passes.
  • A seat reservation in 2nd class costs € 4.90 per person. For (Super) Sparpreis fares, the price of a 1st class seat reservation is € 5.90. With the Flex fare, seat reservations for 1st class are free.
    • Please note: This only applies if the seat reservation is purchased together with the ticket. A separate seat reservation costs € 4.90 per person per single journey for 2nd class and € 5.90 for 1st class (regardless of the fare).
More information
  • This train can be booked from 180 days before departure at:

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