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  • ICE has first and second-class seats. While reservations are not compulsory, they are recommended.
  • On a journey with multiple reservable trains, the system charges € 4.90 for a 2nd class seat reservation. For (Super) Sparpreis fares, the price of a 1st class seat reservation is € 5.90. With the Flex fare, seat reservations for 1st class are free.
    • This only applies if the seat reservation is purchased together with the ticket. A separate seat reservation costs € 4.90 per person per single journey for 2nd class and € 5.90 for 1st class (regardless of the fare).
Second Class
  • Coach with a central aisle
  • Double seats (two seats next to each other)
  • Table seats (four seats around a table)
  • Legroom: 37 cm
  • One power socket for every two seats
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Audio channel for headphones with each seat
First Class
  • Coach with a central aisle
  • Double seats (two seats next to each other)
  • Table seats (four seats around a table)
  • Individual seats (with power socket)
  • One power socket for every two seats
  • Legroom: 46 cm
  • Adjustable back rest
  • Audio channel for headphones with each seat
  • German newspapers
  • On some ICE International trains, personnel come around to your seat selling beverages and snacks.
  • Access to lounges at German and Dutch stations
    • Note: A (Super)sparpreis-ticket does not give acces to the DB Lounges.
Wheelchair spaces
  • There is one wheelchair space and one accompanying - passenger seat in second class.
  • The maximum wheelchair dimensions are 120 x 70 cm.
  • The toilet for the disabled is located near the wheelchair space.
Quiet coach
  • ICE Frankfurt: Coach 21 (second class) and coach 28/29 (first class).
  • ICE 104/105 Basel: Coach 31 (second class) and coach 38/39 (first class).
Panorama coach
  • There is a Panorama carriage in a number of ICE's. These are seats behind the driver's cabin. Passengers can see the driver at work in the driver's cabin. The seats are separated from the driver's cabin by a glass wall. However, the driver is at liberty to close off this glass wall, making viewing impossible. The entire Panorama coach also doubles as a Silent compartment.
Family compartment
  • Intended for families with children aged up to 14.
KleinKindabteil (KKA) [Children's Section]
  • Suitable for families with small children.
  • Changing facilities for babies.
  • A play area.
  • Free Wifi in first and second class, via login WIFIonICE
  • Special ICE information and entertainment page (in German):
  • Free audio books and radio plays, magazines and journey information
  • Free films (in German) can be watched using the Maxdome app
Bar coach 
  • Every ICE train is equipped with a bar coach. Simple meals, snacks and drinks are available here.
  • It is not possible to reserve a seat or a meal in the bar coach.
  • Payment in cash or by credit card.
What next
  • Specific seats, such as in the children's section or the Panorama coach can be booked at:
    • Customer service on +31 30 2300023
    • NS International desks
    • Travel agents
    • but not on the website
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