What is a Homeprint ticket?

  • Homeprint tickets are digital tickets that must be printed out on A4 sized paper prior before you start your journey. After booking your journey, you receive a booking confirmation by email including a link to the homeprint-ticket.
    A homeprint-ticket is personal and non-transferable. For each ticket, the passenger name should correspond exactly with the name on the passport or identity card. Submit the complete first name (initials alone are not sufficient) and the surname (if applicable, the maiden name). Name changes are not permitted. If you need to change the name on a ticket, please cancel the homeprint-ticket according to the regular fare conditions and book a new ticket.
    During inspection, the homeprint-ticket should be presented in combination with a valid proof of identity.
    • Please note: We do not recommend scanning your international ticket as a PDF at the check-in gates. If you open the gate with the ticket as a PDF on your phone, there is a risk that the gate will not open or that you will pay € 20 because you will check in with your credit or debit card instead of your ticket. You can avoid this by printing out the ticket or scanning the barcode from the NS International App after you have imported your ticket into the app.
      • If you have accidentally checked in with your credit or debit card, you can correct this via the Travel history of OVPay.


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