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Many Dutch stations have gates that can only be opened with a valid ticket. 

At present, passengers can open the gates with the following international tickets: 
  • All Homeprint tickets (irrespective of the distributor, with a limited number of exceptions such as Poland, Italy and Spain). 
    • Tickets issued in Belgium
      • Mobile ticket from NMBS Europe (NMBS)
      • Vending machine and counter ticket from NMBS Mobility (only valid in Roosendaal)
      • Train ticket from NMBS Mobility (barcode on the validation certificate; only valid in Roosendaal)
    • Tickets issued in Denmark (DSB)
      • A4 Secure Paper
    • Tickets issued in Germany (DB)
      • A4 Secure Paper
      • Handy ticket
      • Vending machine ticket
    • Tickets issued by Eurostar
      • Paper ticket (elongated barcode)
      • Mobile ticket
    • Tickets issued in France (SNCF)
      • SNCF paper ticket (elongated barcode)
    • Tickets issued in Hungary (MAV-Start)
      • Mobile ticket
    • Tickets issued in the Netherlands (NS)
      • One-time chip card from NS (cross-border travel)
      • Mobile ticket from NS International
      • UVB / VVB (Deferral of Payment or Ticket, issued on board the train)
    • Tickets issued in Austria (ÖBB)
      • Mobile ticket
    • Tickets issued in Sweden (SJ)
      • Mobile ticket
    • Tickets issued in Europe
      • Paper Eurail and Interrail Pass (barcode on the back of the ticket cover)
      • Mobile Eurail and Interrail Pass
      • FIP Country Coupons (barcode on the flyer in the ticket cover)
The gates can also be opened with: 
  • An OV-chipkaart (public transport smart card)
  • An NS-Business Card
  • A KeyCard (on paper or digital)
With some tickets, he gates can not be opened (for example a bicycle ticket or separate seat reservation), even if they have a square barcode. You open the gates with your international ticket. If you do not have a working square barcode on your international ticket, have not received a KeyCard or have lost your ticket, please report to:
  • an Information column at the gates and press the blue button for help
  • an NS service employee, if one is present at the station
When you have lost your international train ticket before your journey has started, you need to purchase a new international train ticket.
Visiting a station without travelling 
It remains possible to pick someone up, see someone off or shop at a station with entrance gates.
  • Anyone with an OV-chipkaart (with a product or sufficient balance) can open a gate at the station. If you check in and out within 60 minutes, no money will be deducted from your balance. This also applies to the NS-Business Card or if you check in and out with your debit card.
  • At the NS ticket machine at a number of stations it is possible to load a free one-time station passage product onto the OV-chipkaart. This way you can spend 60 minutes at that station on that day. For more information, go to Passing through the gates without travelling | NS |.
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