How do I open the gates at the station?

  • Are you travelling with an international ticket with a square barcode? All NS gates have an integrated barcode and OV-chipkaart reader. These have a pictogram with ‘scan ticket’ on the right-hand door of the gate and a lit panel on the right-hand side of the gate. Hold the square barcode still against the lit panel on the right and the gate will open.
    • Please note: You open a closed gate with the square barcode on your international ticket. To do this, put your ticket in the NS International App or print your ticket (PDF).
      If you show the barcode as a PDF or screenshot from your phone, you may have problems opening the gates. The gate will not open or you will wrongly pay a ticket, up to € 20. You can avoid this by putting the ticket in the NS International App or printing it.
      • If you have accidentally checked in with your credit or debit card, you can correct this via the Travel history of OVPay.
Watch the video about travelling abroad with an international ticket.
  • Are you travelling with a single-use smartcard with a cross-border journey on it? Then you open the gate to check in, but checking out in the other country is not possible.
Watch the video about travelling abroad with an single-use smartcard.
  • Are you making your connecting journey with an OV-chipkaart?
    1. Open the gates with your OV-chipcard at the station where you depart from.
    2a. Check out with your OV-chip card at the changeover zone (the check-in and check-out posts) on one of the platforms of the station that the international train departs from.
    2b. If there are no changeover zones, check out with your OV-chip card at the gates of the station where you change trains. Open the gates with the square barcode on your international ticket. 

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