At which stations do I need to change trains?

  • You can check your itinerary in the booking tool on the homepage or in the route planner in the NS International App. The app will keep you informed about your journey, possible delays and platform changes. You will be given revised travel advice if your connection fails.
  • Always allow enough time for changing trains, international stations can be crowded. The time you need to change trains depends on various factors such as the distance to the platform, regulations of the train company you travel with etc. For a trip with Eurostar to London the check-in procedure starts 90 minutes before departure of the train. The check-in terminal closes half an hour before departure of the train. To change trains in Paris from Eurostar to Belgium/France to TGV you need at least one hour to travel to another station by metro. Please check and plan the changing time for your trip well before departure.

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