How much time should I allow for transfers?

  • The required transfer times are shown in the routeplanner in the NS International App. Please note that these can be tight if you are travelling with children or lots of luggage, for example. We recommend in such cases that you take an earlier train for longer transfer times. Give yourself time, international stations can be crowded. For a trip with Eurostar you need at least one hour to check in, to change trains in Paris from Eurostar to Belgium/France to TGV you need at least one hour to travel to another station by metro. Please check and plan the changing time for your trip well before departure.
  • Our page of station information contains tips about transferring on the various international transfer stations.
  • The NS International App will keep you informed about your journey, possible delays and platform changes. You will be given revised travel advice if your connection fails.
  • If you wish to book a journey with extra transfer time, you can do so at an NS International Servicedesk or NSI Customer Service: +31 30 2300023.

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