Passing through the gates at NS stations » Using an international ticket issued abroad

  • Most international tickets issued abroad also include a square, sometimes rectangular, barcode that can be used to open the gates. 
  • These barcodes can be found on homeprint-tickets, Mobile Tickets, Secure A4 Paper or a different  security paper.
  • If htere is no barcode on the international ticket, and the train manager has not provided a KeyCard on the train, then you can:
    • Use the blue button on the information pillar next to the gates. An NS employee will assist you. 
    • Inquire with a service employee at the station, if you see them. 
Barcode with season tickets or special types of tickets 
  • Do you travel across the border regularly with a NS season ticket combined with a NMBS or DB season ticket? In some cases it is possible to request a long-lasting square barcode to open the gates:Passing the gates at NS stations » NS season ticket in combination with an NMBS/SNCB or DB season ticket
  • If you are travelling with a paper Eurail or Interrail Pass, the square barcode that opens the gates is on the back of the ticket cover. When travelling with a mobile Eurail or Interrail Pass, the barcode can be found on the pass in the Eurail Railplanner App. 
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