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You can open closed gates at NS stations with the square barcode on your international ticket. However, not all international tickets from foreign railway companies include functioning square barcodes. In addition, there are also collective tickets with the names of multiple passengers on the ticket, but only one barcode. In these cases, you will receive a KeyCard for each passenger/co-passenger to open the gates with.
Please note: you will only receive a KeyCard if you are travelling to or from a station where the gates are in use.
A KeyCard does not entitle a passenger to travel, it is not a valid ticket.
[See the attachment for a specimen of a KeyCard.]
The KeyCard can be used multiple times. You can use the KeyCard to open the gates for:  
  • The outbound journey and the return journey (if any).
    • Each KeyCard has a 'Valid until' date printed on it. When this date has expired, the KeyCard can no longer be used.
  • Interrupting and resuming your journey.
  • Entering or leaving a station to collect something, e.g. from a luggage locker.
What next 
Distributing KeyCards by NSI Group Travel 
  • For bookings where passengers board the train at a different station than the person who has the collective group ticket.
  • For large groups who travel with a collective group ticket (passing through the gates takes too long then).
  • For bookings with tickets that do not have a barcode because of system problems.
Distributing KeyCards at the NS International desk in the Service Shop
  • For international tickets without a (working) square barcode
Distributing KeyCards on the train 
  • For travellers on short-distance cross-border transport ("Kort Grensoverschrijdend Vervoer") KeyCards are issued on the train or at the station.
  • On cross-border trains running in collaboration with NS (IC Brussels, IC Berlin, ICE International and Nightjet), train personnel will distribute KeyCards via the App Ticketer during ticket control in trains entering the Netherlands.
  • All tickets for this train already have a working square barcode for passing the gates. Any additional KeyCards are only issued in combination with on-board sales.
  • No KeyCards are issued in Eurostar to London because all tickets on this train already have a working square barcode.
Using the information post 
  • If you are unable to open the gates, you can always use the blue button on the information post next to the gates. An NS service-employee will assist you.
Requesting a KeyCard when using a Belgian or German season ticket in combination with one of the following NS season tickets: 
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