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What are French day trains?
By French day trains we mean all non-high-speed trains running within France during the day, such as Intercity and regional/local trains.  
Train types 


 Transport Express Régional  Reservations are not required.


 Intercité Avec Réservation Obligatoire  Intercity with required reservation.


 Intercité Sans Réservation Obligatoire  Intercity with required reservation.

  • The advance sales period is three months. 
    • This may be shorter in June and December due to timetable changes. 
  • Please see French day trains (not TGVs) » Facilities on board for an overview of all facilities available.  
  • There are no plans available for French day trains. 
Fare structure 
  • Souplesse Tarifaire: prices depend on the time of booking. 
    • This means the price can be slightly different than stated in the offer, even while booking. 
  • Tickets are available at various fares.

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