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What is the Brussels Airport Supplement
A special rail line has been constructed to optimise the accessibility of Brussels Airport-Zaventem: the Diabolo rail connection. You use this rail line when travelling to or from Brussels Airport – Zaventem station. It is required to pay a supplement for this.   

Tickets including or excluding the Brussels Airport Supplement
Purchasing a separate Brussels Airport Supplement is not always necessary. With many tickets, the supplement is already included in the price. 
  • Tickets to/from Brussels Airport - Zaventem include the Brussels Airport Supplement when they are purchased through:  
    • NS ticket machines at the station. 
    • The NS service desk at the station. 
    • The NS International desk at the Service Shops at the station. 
    • NS International Customer Service by telephone on +31 30-2300023 
  • Tickets that do not include the Brussels Airport Supplement: 
    • Tickets on which Brussels Airport-Zaventem is not stated as a departure or destination station. These include season tickets or tickets valid to/from Any Belgian Station. 
You can open the access gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station with a valid ticket including the Brussels Airport Supplement.
  • If you did not purchase a Brussels Airport Supplement before starting the journey, you can still do so at the station in Brussels. 
    • No supplement is required for: 
      • Accompanied children aged up to 11. 
      • Passengers accompanying people with limited mobility. 
      • Dogs. 
      • Bicycles. 
  • Assistance personnel are present at Brussels Airport-Zaventem to open the gates for passengers permitted to travel without a Brussels Airport Supplement, or for passengers without a working barcode on their valid ticket. 
  • There are also posts equipped with an assistance system at Brussels Airport – Zaventem, which passengers can use to contact an employee.

Access gates   
To be able to pass through the access gates at Brussels Airport-Zaventem station, you must possess a valid ticket. 
  • Homeprint tickets and Mobile Tickets including the Brussels Airport Supplement are provided with a barcode that you can use to open the gates yourself by scanning the ticket. 
  • Single-use smartcards do not have a barcode that you can use to open the gates in Brussels. However, passengers with a valid ticket without a working barcode are allowed through the gates after the ticket has been visually checked by the assistance personnel. 

The price of the supplement is € 6.60 per single journey (for both first and second class) when included in the ticket, and € 6.70 per single journey when purchased separately.
  • Separate supplements are no longer sold on the train. 
  • If you have a ticket excluding the Brussels Airport Supplement, you can purchase a separate Supplement: 
    • By telephone from NSI Customer Service on +31 30-2300023
    • At the station from an NS International desk in a Service Shop (at the Amsterdam Centraal, Arnhem Centraal, Rotterdam Centraal, Schiphol Airport and Utrecht Centraal stations)
    • Upon arrival on the platform of Brussels Airport-Zaventem from a ticket machine.
After sales  
  • This supplement can be cancelled for free up to one day before the travel date. 
  • From the travel date onwards, a refund is no longer possible.

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