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What is ÖBB Nightjet
  • ÖBB Nightjet is an Austrian Railways night train, with which you can reach several European destinations.
  • A direct service runs between The Netherlands and Vienna/Innsbruck, and Basel SBB/Zurich.
 Train  Route
40421/40490 Amsterdam CDüsseldorf Hbf - Linz - Vienna Hbf
421/420 Amsterdam C - Düsseldorf Hbf - Munich Hbf- Innsbruck Hbf
(60)402/(60)403 Amsterdam C - Cologne - Freiburg (Breisgau) - Basel SBB / Zurich HB


Vienna Hbf - Florence - Rome Termini


Munich Hbf - Florence - Rome Termini


Vienna Hbf - Verona - Milan Rogoredo - Genua Piazza Principe - La Spezia Centrale


Munich Hbf - Verona - Milan Rogoredo - Genua Piazza Principe - La Spezia Centrale


Vienna Hbf - Udine - Venice



Stuttgart Hbf Munich Hbf - Udine - Venice


Vienna Hbf - Florence - Pisa - Livorno Centrale


Vienna Hbf - Bregenz


Vienna Hbf - Linz - Zürich Hbf


Graz Hbf - Feldkirch - Zürich Hbf


Berlin Ost - Basel - Zürich Hbf


Hamburg Hbf - Basel - Hannover - Zürich Hbf


Vienna Hbf - Linz - Hamburg Hbf


Innsbruck Hbf - Hannover - Hamburg Hbf

457/456  Berlin Charlottenburg - Berlin Hbf - Wroclaw Gl. - Vienna Hbf
425/50490 Vienna Hbf / Innsbruck Hbf - Brussels-Midi
  • Depending on class and accommodation, several facilities are available on ÖBB Nightjet. Please see ÖBB Nightjet » Facilities on board for an overview of all facilities available.
Fare structure
  • ÖBB Nightjet is a Market-price train:
    • A seat, berth or couchette reservation is compulsory and included in the ticket.
      • Please note: for Nightjet Basel / Zurich, reserving a seat in the IC section is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
    • There are several fares: each fare comes with its own conditions for exchanging and cancelling bookings.
    • The ticket price depends on availability, degree of flexibility and facilities on board.
    • Booking early increases the chance of inexpensive tickets.
    • The lower the ticket price, the stricter the conditions for exchanging and cancelling. The Sparschiene ticket is the most economical; exchanging and cancelling the booking is not possible.
More information
Access gates
  • There are access gates at the Milano Centrale, Roma Termini and Firenze Santa Maria stations. The platforms are accessible only to passengers with a valid train ticket. The ticket must be shown to security staff.
  • A ticket for ÖBB Nightjet can be booked at:
  • The booking period is 180 days before departure. This may be shorter in June and December due to changes in the timetable.

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