Can I interrupt my journey or can I extend the transfer time?

In general, interruption of the journey is allowed within the validity period of the ticket. The period of validity on the Dutch part of the trip is always 1 day.
  • Eurostar and TGV
    If you travel to Belgium with Eurostar or TGV, where reservation is required, then interrupting the journey on the train route is not allowed.
  • Intercity Brussels or other Intercities and regional trains to/in Belgium
    If you travel to Belgium with IC Brussels or another train for which reservation is not possible or not mandatory, then interrupting the journey at any station on the booked route is allowed, provided you continue your journey on the same day.
    • As of 11 June 2023, tickets with the Early Bird fare are only valid for the IC Brussels as indicated on the ticket en in the booking confirmation.
  • Germany and beyond
    Are you traveling to or through Germany with a (Super)Sparpreis Europa ticket? Then you are bound to the train connection with ICE, IC and EC trains that you choose when buying your ticket. This information is stated on your ticket. Interrupting the journey is only permitted within the validity of your ticket for the other trains, which are not stated on your ticket. For example, your arrival in the Netherlands, regional trains and the S-Bahn. The period of validity on the Dutch part of the trip is 1 day.
A trip with mandatory reservations is always automatically booked with the shortest transfer times. If you already know in advance that you want to interrupt the journey at the transfer station for a certain time or if you need a longer transfer time, you can book two separate, one-way journeys.
  • For example: you are traveling from Utrecht Centraal to Lyon Part Dieu and you want to spend 3 hours in Paris in between. In that case, you first make an (online) booking for the journey from Utrecht Centraal to Paris. When you have completed this booking, you then make the booking for the journey from Paris to Lyon Part Dieu, with a later departure from Paris than if you booked the journey in one go. You then have two separate bookings.
    • If you prefer to have the (two) separate journeys together in one booking, you can also book the journey with interruption/longer transfer by telephone via NS International Customer service: +31 30 - 2300023 (daily from 7.00 to 23.00 hrs). When you book by phone you will pay a booking fee.

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