Where can I exchange my vouchers?

  • You pay immediately with your voucher when you buy your ticket at the NS International desk in a Service & Tickets shop.
  • When you buy your ticket at NSInternational.nl or with NS International Customer Service on +31 30 2300023, you initially pay for your booking in full. You then send your voucher, stating your booking code (DNR), to:

    NS International Customer Service
    Expertise Center Finance
    P.O. Box 2415
    3500 GK  Utrecht
  • The value of the voucher will be credited to you and will be transferred into the account you used to pay for the booking.
We accept the following vouchers:
  • Vouchers issued by NS International itself: the Compensation voucher and Eurostar to Belgium/France voucher.
    • You cannot exchange the e-voucher issued by Eurostar to Belgium/France with NS International. You can exchange it at Eurostar.com
    • You can exchange other vouchers at the relevant railway company.

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