Which international trains can I travel on in the Netherlands with my OV-chipkaart?

You can use your OV-chipkaart on the following NS International trains for your journey in the Netherlands:

Intercity Berlin
  • Without a supplement on the Amsterdam Centraal – Hengelo route.
  • Please note: in June, July and August you are requested not to use Intercity Berlin for domestic journeys.
Intercity Brussels
  • You need the Intercity Direct supplement if the Schiphol Airport - Rotterdam Centraal route is part of your train journey.
    • You can load the Intercity Direct supplement on your OV-chipkaart at the supplement post on the departure platform. 
      • Travellers with an international ticket do not have to pay a supplement for Intercity Brussels. 
ICE International
  •  Holders of an OV-chipkaart without an NS season ticket need a supplement on the Amsterdam Centraal - Arnhem Centraal route.
    • You can load the ICE Supplement onto your OV-chipkaart at an NS ticket machine. Passengers with a valid NS season ticket (such as the Studentenreisproduct, Dal Vrij, Altijd Voordeel, etc.) do not have to pay a supplement when they use the ICE International within the Netherlands.
  • Please note: in June, July and August you are requested not to use ICE International for domestic journeys.
  • Travelling on Eurostar with an OV-chipkaart within the Netherlands is not permitted.
Short Cross-Border Traffic (Kort Grensoverschrijdend Verkeer)
  • There are check-in and check-out posts at the stations Aachen Hbf, Aachen West, Herzogenrath, Gronau, Leer, Weener, Emmerich-Elten, Emmerich Hbf and Emmerich Praest. Travelers to these stations can simply travel with their OV-chipkaart and check in and out at these stations.
  • NS (not NS International) offers Traject Vrij season tickets for international travel to border points Hazeldonk, Roosendaal, Emmerich and Bad Bentheim and the border stations Weener, Leer, Gronau, Emmerich-Elten, Emmerich Hbf., Emmerich Praest, Herzogenrath, Aachen West and Aachen Hbf.

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