The NS International App

  • With the NS International app you can easily manage, plan and book your international train journey.
    You can consult the international journey planner, see what your journey costs and book immediately, import your Mobile Ticket, manage previously made bookings (made using the app) and activate or deactivate push notifications. You are also kept up to date on interesting campaigns.
  • With the app, you are updated on the latest information concerning any train journey, at all times and everywhere. 
    • Tap More at the bottom right corner of the screen.
    • Choose Journey planner.
    • Fill in a departure station and a destination and select a date and time of departure. Tap Search.
    • Select the desired connection and tap de star sign in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • A screen will appear in which you can indicate that you wish to receive messages if there are changes to platforms, departure or arrival times.
    • Tap Save to save the details of your journey.
    • Please note that to receive notifications from the app, you must also have 'Allow notifications' enabled on your phone after installing the app. 
  • For bookings and payments you are directed to the mobile website. Only for Android: tickets without a seat reservation for journeys from the Netherlands to Belgium and vice versa can be booked and paid for in the app.
  • Compensation for delays. From your travel date onwards, under Bookings you will find a link to Compensation for delays. The link is also visible after your journey under Past. When you tap on the link, you will be taken to an explanatory webpage that contains a Request money back button. Tap on the button and enter the relevant data: Train service, Travel date, From-To, Departure time and Booking code (DNR). After you have answered all the questions, you can submit  the request.
  • Create a My NSI account. If you already have a My NS account, you also can log in with these credentials in your My NSI environment. You can create a My NSI account yourself on
  • If you make your booking while you are logged in with your My NS(I) account, your tickets are automatically imported into the app when logging in. The booking confirmation also contains a button to import your ticket. To import your tickets into the app, open te confirmation email on your smartphone and tap the Tickets in app button.
  • You can indicate whether you wish to be notified of the most up-to-date information during your journey, such as:
    • The real time departure and arrival times.
    • Departure platforms.
    • Platform information. Above the journey advice in the journey planner you will see an image of the train with letter blocks and carriage numbers. That way, you know where on the platform you can wait to get on at the right carriage.
    • Transfer options.
Alternative travel options for IC Brussels, ICE, Eurostar to Belgium/France and Eurostar to London
  • Only applies to single journey segments with IC Brussels, ICE or Eurostar without a connecting train.
  • When your train is delayed by 60 minutes or more, the NS International app gives you tailormade advice about your options.
  • You can choose one of the following:
    • Travel with the next available IC Brussels, ICE or Eurostar
    • Travel with a different carrier
    • Postpone your journey
    • Cancel your trip or apply for Compensation for delays
  • For each option, the app tells you which alternative best suits your needs.
Requirements for using the NSI app 
  • You have a smartphone and use one of the following app versions:
    • Android App version 7.3.0 or higher
      • Operating system 6.0 or higher
    • iOS version 7.2.1 or higher
      • Operating system 15.0 or higher
  • Download the app free of charge through the App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • The app was developed for smartphones, but can also be used on tablets.
Importing your tickets into the NSI app 

There are three ways to import your tickets into the NSI app:

  1. After booking the journey, you receive a confirmation by email. The confirmation email contains a link to your mobile ticket. You open the email on your smartphone.
    • The mobile ticket is retrieved by tapping the Tickets in app button in the email.
    • The ticket is now imported into the app; an internet connection is no longer required to see your ticket during the journey.
  2. You book your tickets while you are logged in My NS(I). Your tickets will automatically be imported into the app. You can see them in the app by tapping the Bookings option at the bottom of the screen. The booking is only visible when you are logged in on the app. When you log out, the booking is no longer visible.
    • Tap on Check travel details or Tickets
      • The number of dots at the bottom of the screen indicate how many tickets (and square bar codes) there are for your journey. You can see the other bar codes by swiping.
      • Bookings are shown sorted by travel date.
    • If you have made a booking for multiple people, forward the confirmation email to them. This will allow them to import the ticket into the app on their smartphone. 
      • If your travel companions do not have the NS International App, they can print out the ticket by tapping or clicking on the Print tickets button in the confirmation email.
    • To open the gates, hold your smartphone with the mobile ticket in front of the illuminated screen with integrated QR-scancode and OV-chipkaart reader on the gate to the right.
    • Using the NSI App gives the Mobiel Ticket a fixed format, prevents it from tilting and causes your cell phone to display the ticket with a higher clarity. This improves ticket control en makes passing the gates easier. The square bar code is used for ticket control and to pass the gates at the station.
    • When you change the booking, you will receive a new confirmation by email. You then import the tickets into the app once more and see the message: "This booking has already been imported and updated". 
    • After the journey, the tickets will automically be moved to the Past tab and stay there for about 8 months. When you have imported your ticket from the email confirmation, you can manually remove the journey. Bookings that were made while you were logged in the My NS(I) app cannot be manually removed.
      • Android: first tap Mobile ticket and then tap on the Wastepaper basket in the top right hand corner.
      • iOS: tap the pencil and swipe the journey you want to remove.
  3. In addition to importing tickets into the app from the email booking confirmation and retrieving the booking through a My NS(I) account, it is now possible to add a homeprint ticket to the app if you do not have a Mobile ticket. This can be done by using your booking code (DNR) and the email address you used when you made the booking.
Problems logging on to the NSI app or My NSI environment 
  • When you experience problems when you log into the NSI app or into the My NSI environment, contact Customer Services at +31 30 751 51 55, press 5 for English and again 5 for support.
  • When you do not have a complete account or when logging into My NSI is not working, tickets can also be imported into the app via the booking confirmation email without the need to log into your My NSI account first.  

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