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Railjet trains 
  • Railjet is a high-speed train operated by the Austrian railway company, ÖBB. 
  • Railjet falls under the NVR trains. 
  • The train can be identified in the journey planner by the letters RJ. 
  • Railjet runs daily on the following routes: Vienna - Zürich / Budapest / Munich / Venice and Graz / Vienna - Prague, and on multiple routes within Austria. 
  • RJX (Railjet Express) is the same train as a Railjet, but only stops in Pölten and Linz. (Railjet stops at multiple intermediate stations). The RJX also continues to Switzerland and Germany. RJX is booked in the same way as a Railjet. 
Seats (see plan in attachment) 
  • Economy Class ≈ second class. 
    • Seat not adjustable. 
    • One power socket for every two people. 
    • Trolley service with snacks and drinks. 
    • Additional luggage racks. 
    • Option: quiet coach (for compartment, select: quiet section). 
    • Coach 21 or 31 suitable for children. 
    • Space for children where films are shown (select: specific space 13 to 28). 
    • Special space for pushchairs. 
  • First Class ≈ first class. 
    • Adjustable seat. 
    • More legroom. 
    • One power socket for every seat. 
    • Options: quiet section. 
    • Free newspapers and magazines. 
    • You can order a meal from the on-board restaurant. 
    • Option: quiet coach (for compartment, select: Quiet section). 
  • Business Class (separate section of the first-class coach: €15 supplement on a First Class ticket). 
    • Peaceful atmosphere: intended for business travellers. 
    • Ergonomically shaped and adjustable seats. 
    • One power socket for every seat. 
    • Free welcome drink and meal. 
    • Free newspapers and magazines. 
  • You must be able to lift your luggage yourself. 
  • The luggage must be stowed in the spaces intended for this. 
  • The luggage must not obstruct others. 
  • Free Wi-Fi  
  • On-board portal with entertainment and journey information. 
Bar coach 
  • On-board restaurant for drinks, snacks and meals. 
  • Trolley service with snacks and drinks. 
Travelling with a disability 
  • The wheelchair spaces are located in the first-class section. 
  • Passengers in a wheelchair pay an Economy price. 
  • Accompanying passengers travel on a free ticket in combination with an OV-Begeleiderspas [Public Transport Guide Pass]. 
  • There is sufficient space for an assistance dog next to the wheelchair space. 
  • Service button for catering. 
  • For passengers with restricted mobility, but without a wheelchair, there is a Disabled section close to the door and the toilet.
Travelling with a bicycle (folding or otherwise) 
  • The Economy coach can accommodate up to five bicycles. 
    • Reservations for bicycle spaces are required. 
    • Bicycle tickets and reservations for bicycles are for sale at NS International.
  • Maximum bicycle dimensions are 185 x 110 x 60 cm (l x w x h). Maximum wheel size is 29 inches. 
    • There is no space in the bicycle coach for tandems, reclining bicycles, carrier tricycles or trailers. 
  • Packed folding bicycles can be taken on the train as luggage. 
  • You yourself are responsible for loading and unloading the bicycle. 
  • Saddlebags must be removed from the bicycle before you get on the train. 
Travelling with pets 
  • Pets can be taken if they do not cause a nuisance to fellow passengers. If your pet is causing a nuisance to fellow passengers, the conductor may ask you to sit elsewhere. 
  • Your pet requires a pet passport: please ask your veterinary surgeon for more information. 
  • Small pets can be taken with you free of charge in a cage, bag or basket. 
  • Dogs not transported in a bag or basket must be on a leash and wear a muzzle.  
  • Dog tickets are available from NS International.
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