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What are Italian night trains? 
  • Night trains between two Italian destinations. These can be be identified in the journey planner by the abbreviation ICN (InterCityNight) before the train number. 
  • These trains fall under the ITB – Italian domestic traffic product range. 
  • We sell market-price tickets for these trains: a ticket including reservation. 
    • The passenger cannot change the train, the route or the date printed on the ticket. 
  • This article provides general information about Italian night trains. Please visit the website of the Italian railway company for more detailed information on the various trains (such as accommodation, services and routes). 
  • Seats 
    • Second class only. 
    • Compartments with six seats. 
  • Berths (couchettes) 
    • Second class only. 
    • Compartments with four and six berths. 
    • Ladies and gentlemen mixed. 
  • Beds 
    • Separate ladies' and gentlemen's compartments. 
    • Single compartment for one person = first class. 
    • Double compartment for two people = first class. 
    • Triple compartment for three people = second class. 
Toilet and washing facilities  
  • You will find the toilets and simple washing facilities at the ends of the coaches. 
  • Coaches with beds are often equipped with shower cubicles and/or private washing facilities. This differs per train. 
Air conditioning 
  • Italian night trains are equipped with air conditioning. 
  • Permitted: one suitcase or travel bag and one item of hand luggage. 
  • Passengers must be able to carry their luggage themselves. 
  • The luggage must not obstruct others. 
  • There is no Wi-Fi on the night trains. 
Power socket 
  • All compartments are equipped with power sockets. 
  • Most night trains offer a mini-bar trolley. 
Children/young people 
  • Children aged up to 3 travel free of charge and without a ticket provided they do not occupy a space of their own.
    • If they do require a space of their own, they travel at the Child fare.
  • Children aged 4 to 14 travel at the Child fare.
Travelling with a disability 
  • There are no special fares for passengers with a disability and their accompanying passengers. 
Travelling with a bicycle 
  • Disassembled bicycles wrapped in an official bicycle cover may be taken free of charge.
  • Bicycles that are not disassembled and wrapped in an official bicycle cover are not allowed.
Travelling with pets 
  • The pet requires a health certificate from the veterinary surgeon. 
  • Pets are only allowed if the passenger has booked the entire compartment. 
  • Dogs must be on a leash and wear a muzzle. 
  • Assistance dogs travel free of charge and are not required to wear a muzzle. 
  • Small pets must be carried in a basket/kennel of a maximum of 70x50x30 cm. 
  • Pets must under no circumstance cause a nuisance (odour or noise). 
  • Tickets for pets are for sale on the train. 
Sale of connecting day trains within Italy. 
  • NS International does not sell tickets for IR, D and R trains between two Italian stations. 
More information 
  • Access gates have been installed at the following Italian stations: 
    • Milano Centrale 
    • Roma Termini 
    • Firenze Santa Maria Novella 
  • Passengers gain access to the platform by showing their tickets, so please be on time. 
  • On Trenitalia domestic long-distance trains (Frecciarossa, Frecciargento, Frecciabianca, Intercity and Intercity Night), the doors close one minute before departure. 
    • Final boarding is therefore one minute before departure for trains of the ITB product range.

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