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What are Italian day trains International
  • Italian day trains International are Eurocity trains that run between Germany, Switzerland and Italy via the Domodossola border. 
  • Italian day trains International are managed by the Swiss railway company (SBB) and the Italian railway company (Trenitalia). 
  • Market prices (ticket with required reservation) apply to Italian day trains International.  
  • Italian day trains International run between: 
    • Basel ⇔ Milan in both directions 
    • Geneva ⇔ Milan/Venice in both directions 
    • Lucerne ⇔ Milan in both directions 
    • Zürich ⇔ Milan in both directions  
You have multiple facilities available to you, depending on the class you are travelling in. 
Second-class seats 
  • Coach with central aisle. 
  • A seat reservation is required and included in the ticket. 
  • Power socket. 
First-class seats
  • Coach with central aisle. 
  • A seat reservation is required and included in the ticket. 
  • Power socket. 
  • Access to the lounge at Italian stations. 
  • In-seat catering is available in coach 3. The catering service is not included in the ticket. 
  • A maximum of two items of regular luggage (suitcase, travel bag or trolley) and one item of hand luggage per person. 
  • Customers are responsible for their own luggage. 
  • There is no separate space for oversized luggage such as pushchairs, musical instruments and packed bicycles. You can therefore only take this luggage if it fits into the regular luggage racks. Luggage may not be placed in the aisles. 
  • Free Wi-Fi is available. 
Bar coach 
  • Bar coach available on all international Italian day trains. 
  • Snacks and drinks available. 
  • DVD hire. 
  • Children aged up to 5 travel free of charge if they do not occupy a seat of their own. 
  • If they require a seat of their own, they travel at the Child fare. 
  • Children aged 6 to 15 travel at the Child fare. 
Travelling with a disability 
  • Two wheelchair spaces and two accompanying-passenger seats in second class. 
  • These seats are not available from NS International. 
  • Tickets are available from Trenitalia and SBB. 
Travelling with a bicycle 
Bicycles can be taken unpacked and assembled on these international Italian day trains. 

Basel - Milan

EC 51, 57, 59

Milan - Basel

EC 50, 52, 56

Geneva - Milan

EC 35, 39, 41

 Milan - Geneva

EC 32, 34, 36 

 Geneva - Venice

EC 37 

 Venice - Geneva

EC 42 

  • A ticket with reservation is required. 
  • Tickets and reservations cannot be booked with NS International.
  • Tickets and reservations are available from the Italian railway company (FS) and Swiss railway company (SBB). 
    • SBB tickets are only available at the service desks at the departing stations. 
Travelling with pets 
  • Pets are allowed to travel with a maximum of one pet per person.
  • Small pets carried in a bag, basket or cage with a maximum size of 70 x 50 x 30 cm travel free of charge.
    • Large dogs travel at a charge. They must be on a leash and wear a muzzle. 
    • The dog ticket cannot be booked with NS International. 
  • The dog ticket is only available from the Italian railway company and SBB. The ticket price is around € 10.
Fare structure
  • Italian day trains International fares and conditions. 
  • Italian day trains International are market-price trains. 
    • The earlier you book, the more likely it is that inexpensive tickets are available. 
    • The lower the ticket price, the more restrictive the conditions for changing and cancelling apply. 

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