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  • The following applies to all passengers with a disability:
    • There is no reduced fare for passengers with a disability; they travel at the regular fare.
    • There is a reduced fare for companions. To receive this, the passenger with a disability must hold an OV-Begeleiderskaart [Public Transport Companion Card]. One companion can travel at the Companion fare. If there are more companions than 1, the other companions travel at the regular fare.
    • The Companion fare applies to the passenger accompanying a passenger in a wheelchair or a passenger with a visual impairment. For more information, please see Companion below.
Travelling with a wheelchair (electric or otherwise) or mobility scooter
  • A wheelchair compartment is available in the Nightjet trains listed below:
 Train (EUN)  Route
 40421 / 40490   Amsterdam Centraal - Düsseldorf Hbf - Linz Hbf - Wien Hbf 
 421 / 420   Amsterdam Centraal - Düsseldorf Hbf - München Hbf - Innsbruck Hbf


 Wien Hbf - Udine - Venezia (the wheelchair compartment is available from March to October inclusive)

 1237 / 1234

  Wien Hbf - Florence - Pisa - Livorno Centrale (runs from March to October inclusive)

 467 / 466

 Wien Hbf - Linz - Zürich Hb

 465 / 464

 Graz Hbf - Feldkirch - Zürich Hb

 470 / 471

 Berlin Ost - Basel - Zürich Hb

 40470 / 4401

 Hamburg Hbf - Basel - Hannover - Zürich Hb

 40421 / 40490

 Wien Hbf - Linz - Düsseldorf Hbf

 490 / 491

 Vienna Hbf - Linz - Hamburg Hbf

 40420 / 40491

 Innsbruck Hbf - Hannover - Hamburg Hbf

 457 / 456

 Berlin Charlottenburg - Berlin Hbf - Wroclaw Gl. - Wien Hbf

  • A wheelchair compartment is configured with a berth for one wheelchair user and one accompanying passenger. There is also space for the wheelchair.
  • The special wheelchair accessible compartment has a total of 2 seats which can also be changed to 2 couchettes.
    • Please note: In the NJ to Zürich, this compartment with couchettes stops at Basel and does not continue to Zürich. 
  • A wheelchair user gets the NJ tickets along with a seat reservation in the wheelchair accessible compartment. There is no need for a separate ticket for the Companion. 
  • The NJ to Zürich also offers a number of wheelchair seats (no couchettes) in the seating carriages. These carriages do finish the route to Zürich. For these seats, you do need to book a separate (free) ticket for the Companion.  
  • Maximum dimensions of electric wheelchairs, handbikes and mobility scooters:
    • Length up to 125 cm
    • Width up to 80 cm
    • Height up to 109 cm
    • Total weight of wheelchair and passenger is a maximum of 250 kg.
  • There is a disabled toilet next to the wheelchair compartment.
  • One companion may travel at a reduced fare.
  • The Companion fare applies to the passenger accompanying a passenger in a wheelchair or with a visual impairment who holds an OV-Begeleiderskaart.
  • When you book the passenger in a wheelchair (at a regular fare) in the wheelchair compartment, the ticket for the companion is included.
  • The couchette upgrade is also included in the ticket, you don't have to pay extra for a bed. This goes for both the wheelchair user and the companion.
  • Applying for an OV-Begeleiderskaart
  • Guide dogs or assistance dogs travel for free and without a ticket.
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