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  • If you are travelling abroad with a pet, you are bound by the laws and regulations of all the countries you are travelling through. That means your pet must be chipped, be vaccinated in time against rabies and have a valid pet passport.
  • For more information, please consult your veterinary surgeon. 
On the train
  • To travel with pets on TGV routes, the following conditions apply:
    • A maximum of one pet per person.
    • You are only allowed to transport small pets (lighter than 6 kg) in a kennel, transport cage or basket with a maximum size of 45 x 30 x 25 cm (l x h x w).
      • Small pets: dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and aviary birds.
      • You must keep the cage, kennel or basket on your lap during the journey. 
  • You can take medium or large dogs (weighing over 6 kg) on the train with you, provided they are on a leash and wearing a muzzle.
  • Official guide dogs or assistance dogs travel for free (no ticket or muzzle required).

What next
  • You can purchase a ticket for your pet on the train. Price vary and can be obtained from the point of sale.
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