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A distinction is made between travelling with a packed, disassembled bicycle and an unpacked bicycle.
  • A bicycle packed in a special bicycle cover or case may be taken on any TGV. The maximum dimensions for this are: 120 x 90 cm (l x w). For more information, please see Conditions for bicycles as luggage below.
  • A limited number of TGV's also have a special bicycle coach for unpacked bicycles. These bicycle spaces cannot be booked through NS International. Please do so at See What next with unpacked bicycles below.
Conditions for bicycles as luggage
  • A maximum of one packed bicycle per person can be taken on the train.
  • You can take bicycles on TGV for free if:
    • The front wheel has been removed.
    • The bicycle is packed in a bicycle cover or case.
    • The bicycle including cover is no larger than 120 x 90 cm (l x b).
    • The bicycle is labelled with first name and last name
  • In addition to your packed bicycle, you can also take one item of regular luggage (such as a suitcase, travel bag or trolley), and one item of hand luggage.
What next with a bicycle as luggage
What next with unpacked bicycles
  • Purchase your own ticket and one for your bicycle simultaneously. 
  • A maximum of one unpacked bicycle (folding or otherwise) can be taken per person.
  • Special bicycles such as tandems, reclining bicycles, three-wheelers, carrier tricycles or Segways are not permitted.
  • You yourself are responsible for loading and unloading the bicycle.
  • Bicycle spaces cannot be booked through NS International, please do so at 
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