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In the trains on TGV routes, there is a distinction between transport of:
  • A packed and (partially) disassembled bicycle: this can be taken as luggage for free.
  • An unpacked bicycle that is transported in its entirety
    • A limited number of TGVs take unpacked bicycles for a fee.
    • ICE does not accept unpacked bicycles.
Bicycle as luggage
  • Max. 1 packed bicycle per person (= 1 piece of special luggage)
  • You can take the (folding) bicycle on TGV for free if:
    • the front and rear wheels have been disassembled
    • the bicycle is packed in a cover no larger than 120 x 90 cm (l x w)
    • the bicycle including cover does not weigh more than 32 kg
    • the bicycle has a luggage tag with your details.
  • Tandems, recumbent bicycles, cargo bikes, tricycles or Segways are not permitted.
Bicycle in its entirety
  • Please note: In general, cross-border high-speed trains do not take bicycles, you can check this per train in the journey planner.
  • A number of TGVs have special bicycle carriages.
    • These carriages are not always included in the train.
  • Use the French journey planner to check whether your train also takes bicycles.
    • The NS International travel planner does not have all the necessary information for bicycles.
    • You can recognize a train that takes unpacked bicycles by the bicycle symbol.
  • You may only take your unpacked bicycle with you if you:
    • Book the ticket for yourself and your bike at the same time.
What next?
  • You can purchase a bicycle ticket and reservation for the bicycle carriage from the French or local railways.
    • A bicycle ticket costs approximately €10 each way.
    • NS International does not sell bicycle tickets for the TGV.
    • Book on time: the number of bicycle spaces is limited.
  • You do not need a ticket for a disassembled and packaged (folding) bicycle.
  • If you take a packed bicycle with you, you may also take no more than 1 piece of regular luggage (such as suitcase, bag or trolley) and one piece of hand luggage.
  • You are responsible for loading and unloading your bicycle.

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