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  • There is no special fare for passengers with a disability on Intercity Brussels; you travel at a regular fare. 
  • Passengers with a disability who hold an OV-Begeleiderskaart [Public Transport Companion Card] may take one accompanying passenger (person or assistance dog) with them free of charge. The accompanying passenger or assistance dog does not need a ticket.
  • No distinction is made between passengers using a wheelchair and those with a different disability.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome.
  • You and your accompanying passenger travel the entire journey together.
  • You must be able to show your OV-Begeleiderskaart during the journey.
  • If you are travelling with an Interrail, Eurail, free travel ticket or country coupon for railway staff (tickets with a  FIP discount is allowed), the companion does not travel for free, but at a regular fare. 
Travelling with a wheelchair (electric or otherwise) or mobility scooter
  • The wheelchair spaces are located in the centre of the train, in first class and in second class.
  • In order to fit into the train, the lifts and the mobile ramps, the maximum outer dimensions of a wheelchair may not exceed 150 cm x 70 cm and 137,5 cm (height), including luggage.
  • You and your manual wheelchair jointly should weigh no more than 200 kg if you require NS Travel Assistance to push it up the mobile ramp to enter the train.
  • You and your electric wheelchair jointly should weigh no more than 300 kg.
  • Mobility aids with an internal combustion engine are not permitted in the train for safety reasons.
  • You must be able to enter and exit the train with your electric wheelchair or mobility scooter yourself via the access ramp.
  • Please keep in mind that you must be able to carry your own luggage.
Other appliances
  • Oxygen canisters are allowed with a medical certificate
  • Three-wheel, electric and reclining bicycles, tandems and Segways are permitted free of charge, under the following conditions:
    • There is room in the bicycle space (making a reservation is not possible). Placing these in wheelchair spaces is not permitted.
    • The maximum dimensions are 150 x 70 cm (l x w) and 137,5 cm (height), including luggage.
    • You are able to show one of the following passes during the journey:
      • OV-Begeleiderskaart
      • Disabled person's parking pass
      • WMO transport pass (regional taxi)
      • Valys pass
    • Attach a disabled sticker on your bicycle/Segway. This sticker is available (for free) online and in various shops.
  • You can request assistance with getting on and off the train from NS Travel Assistance.
  • Requests for assistance during an international journey should be submitted at least 24 hours before departure of the train.
  • Travel Assistance is not available for every station in Belgium. You can find a list of stations with Travel Assistance in Belgium at NMBS.
  • Wheelchairs spaces cannot be reserved on Intercity Brussels.
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