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  • There are first and second-class seats on Intercity Berlin. While reserving is not compulsory, it is recommended.
  • On a journey with multiple reservable trains, the system charges € 4.90 for a 2nd class seat reservation. For (Super) Sparpreis fares, the price of a 1st class seat reservation is € 5.90. With the Flex fare, seat reservations for 1st class are free.
    • This only applies if the seat reservation is purchased together with the ticket. A separate seat reservation costs € 4.90 per person per single journey for 2nd class and € 5.90 for 1st class (regardless of the fare).
Second Class
  • Coach with central aisle.
  • Double seats (two seats next to each other).
  • Table seats (four seats around a table).
  • Leg room: 37 cm.
  • Two power sockets at the table seats.
First Class
  • Coach with compartments for six people.
  • Two power sockets at the window seats.
  • Leg room: 46 cm.
  • Access to the lounges at German and Dutch stations.
    • Note: A (Super)sparpreis-ticket does not give acces to the DB-Lounges.
Wheelchair spaces
Bicycle coach
  • A bicycle storage is located in coach 24.
  • This can accommodate up to 16 bicycles.
  • Reserving for a bicycle is obligatory, and costs € 4.90. A bicycle ticket is also required, at € 12 per single journey.
  • The bicycle coach has room for a maximum of two tandems; the reservation costs € 4.90 per tandem. Two bicycle tickets are also required, at € 12 per single journey.
  • See also: Intercity Berlin » Travelling with a bicycle.
Kleinkindabteil (KKA) - children's section
  • Children's section/play area for a maximum of 4 people.
  • This children's section is intended for toddlers and infants.
  • In coach 10.
  • A table for drawing or playing games.
  • A folding baby-changing table.
  • 1 power socket.
Family section
  • There are two compartments (2 x 6 seats) in coach 10 for families with children next to the children's section (Kleinkindabteil).
  • Wi-Fi is available on all Intercity Berlin trains.
  • Since the start of the new timetable (10 December 2023) there is no bar coach available on IC Berlin. An alternative option will be offered with railcatering. This situation will remain until the end of 2024. Starting then, new coaches will be implemented. This is expected to be finalised mid 2025.
What next
  • If you would like to reserve a specific seat – such as in the children's section or the bicycle coach, please do not book online, but instead contact Customer Service on +31 30-2300023 or go to one of the NS International desks at selected stations.  
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