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  • Pets are not permitted on Eurostar to London.
  • Guide and assistance animals are allowed. A ticket for a guide or assistance animal can be requested from Eurostar to London up to 24 hours before departure.
    • The guide or assistance animal travels for free. 
    • A maximum of 4 passengers with a guide or assistance animals are allowed per train. The animal must therefore be registered with Eurostar to London in advance:
      • You can send a request to (submit 'Assistance animal' as the subject) or via Eurostar's Assistance animal Information Page (click on Contact Form and then choose Special Assistance).
      • By phone on +44 3432 186 186, option 4 (daily between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.).
      • Outside the above times, passengers can call the Eurostar Customer Care team on +44 3432 186 186. The passenger's details will then be noted, after which the Eurostar Assist team will contact the passenger.
    • Eurostar Customer Care books a place for the assistance animal next to the passenger.
    • The guide or assistance animal must be trained by an organization recognized by the International Guide Dog Federation, Assistance Dogs Europe, Assistance Dogs International or Assistance Dogs GB.
      • If the animal has been trained by an organization not recognized by the above, Eurostar will ask the passenger to complete an application form before the booking can be confirmed. The completed form must be submitted 24 hours before departure.
    • During the trip, the passenger must carry a valid pet passport for the animal, containing details of the animal's microchip or tattoo and the necessary vaccinations for the country (passenger can consult the vet for more information). It must also be possible to show proof that the animal is allowed to travel on Eurostar to London (validated documentation, a copy of the confirmation email or a file number).
    • Eurostar to London advises to be at the station 60 minutes before the train's departure. Passengers can report to the Eurostar Assist meeting point, near the Eurostar to London ticket gates. There, the necessary documents are checked.
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