How can I use my Keuzedag from the Netherlands to another country?

  • If you are making an international journey, your Keuzedag is valid as far as the border.
    - Buy a ticket from your departure station in the Netherlands to your destination in another country.
    - At select ‘100% discount in the Netherlands’, or at the NS ticket machine select ‘NS route free’.
    - You will then receive an international ticket to which the 100% discount has been applied.
    - Download your Keuzedag onto your OV-chipkaart at the ticket machine.
    - Check in on your day of travel using your Keuzedag in order to make it valid.
    - You cannot check out in other countries, and nothing will be deducted from the balance.
    - When your ticket is checked on the train, show your international ticket and your OV-chipkaart with the downloaded Keuzedag.
    - Your Keuzedag is still valid if you return to the Netherlands on the same day.

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