Can I take my bicycle with me and how much do I pay for it on an international train?

You can take your bicycle with you on many international trains.
Dismantled and wrapped up bicycles
  • Generally speaking, you can take a bicycle that you have taken apart and wrapped up in a bicycle cover or a bicycle case, with you free of charge. Attach a luggage label with your first and last names on it and put the wrapped up bicycle in the luggage rack or in the entrance vestibule.
    • Please note: Various rules apply to the dimensions of the package when travelling with a bicycle as luggage.
  • For bicycles that are not wrapped up:
    • Intercity Brussels: An international bicycle ticket costs € 12. Put the bicycle in the entrance vestibule of the carriage allocated for the purpose. A maximum of 4 bicycles can go on the train.
    • Intercity Berlin: For this train you must make a reservation for the bicycle, which costs € 4 and buy an international bicycle ticket, which costs € 12.
  • When you bring a bicycle on an international journey, you are allowed to travel during peak hours in the Netherlands.
  • You cannot buy international bicycle tickets and bicycle reservations online.

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