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What is Euronight Hungary
  • Euronight Hungary is a night train that allows you to travel from Hungary to various surrounding countries. 
  • This train is managed by MAV (Magyar Államvasutak): the Hungarian National Railway Company. 
 Train (ENH)  Route       Details
 462/463  Budapest ⇔ München - Stuttgart Hbf
  • ENH product range.
  • NVS tickets with a required separate reservation are accepted for Hungary ⇔ Austria / Germany. 
 Budapest ⇔ Berlin   
  • ENH product range for Hungary ⇔ Germany, otherwise NVR product range.  
  • Please note: Berth or sleeper coaches sometimes have a train number different from the day coach. Use the following when making reservations for: 
    • Seats: 477 and 476.
    • Berths and beds: 573 and 10476.
 Budapest ⇔ Zürich    
  • ENH product range
Travelling with a bicycle
  • Bicycles are not permitted on Euronight Hungary.
  • A maximum of 1 folding bicycle in a bicycle cover or case per person is permitted.
Fare structure 

Special travel options 

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