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What is TGV France ⇔ Switzerland (Lyria)
  • TGV France ⇔ Switzerland (Lyria) is a high-speed train running on the routes between France and Switzerland below. 
  • This TGV train runs under the name of Lyria. 


 Paris Gare de Lyon - Geneva
 Paris Gare de Lyon - Lausanne - (Brig)
 Paris Gare de Lyon - Bern - (Interlaken)
 Paris Gare de Lyon - Strasbourg / Basel - Zürich
 Geneva - Marseille
  • The attachment contains the seat map of the TGV on this route. 
Fare structure 
  • The following applies to TGV France - Switzerland:
    • A seat reservation is required and included in the ticket. 
    • The earlier you book, the more likely it is inexpensive tickets will be available. 
    • The lower the ticket price, the more conditions for changing and cancelling apply. 
  • On the TGV on the Paris-Geneva and Paris-Basel/Zürich routes, a distinction in made in the first-class coaches between Standard 1ère and Business 1ère. 
    • Business 1ère (including catering) = the highest price category.  
    • If Business 1ère is offered, no Standard 1ère Flex is offered. 
  • The France – Switzerland TGV operates with Souplesse Tarifaire. Ticket prices are variable and depend on availability. 
  • There are no fare tables. 
    • Prices can be obtained by making a booking in @lantis. 
  • TGV tickets are available at various fares. 
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