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What facilities do French day trains provide (Intercité and TER)?  
  • Accommodation and facilities differ by train. Please check the NS International journey planner beforehand. 
  • In the journey advice, the journey planner provides concise information on: 
    • Train type. 
    • Reserving seats (required, recommended or not possible). 
    • Composition of the train (first and/or second-class coaches). 
    • Accessibility for wheelchair users. 
    • Bicycle spaces (consult the SNCF journey planner for more comprehensive bicycle information). 
  • Below is some general information on the facilities by train type. 
Intercité de jour 
  • First and second-class coach. 
  • A distinction is made between trains for which you must make a reservation, and trains for which no reservation is required. Please see the journey planner. 
    • Intercité à réservation obligatoire - IC ARO 
    • Intercité sans réservation obligatoire - IC SRO 
  • The majority of intercity trains have no bar coach, although IC ARO passengers can order a meal from SNCF in advance. 
    • Passengers with a compulsory reservation can order a meal through the SNCF website up to 72 hours before departure (around € 15 per person). 
  • No Wi-Fi. 
  • Wheelchair spaces are available. 
  • You will also find baby-changing facilities in toilets suitable for wheelchairs. 
  • Bicycle spaces: you can take an unpacked bicycle on a number of day trains. For more information, please see the journey planner (preferably the French one). A bicycle space can only be reserved with SNCF. 
  • Espace Kid = play area/children's compartment in coach 3 (or 13) 
    • Specific places in the Espace Kid can only be reserved with SNCF, although children can also use this space without a reservation. 
    • This is somewhat different to the 'Famille' or 'Carré' seats; these are four seats, two across from two others. 
  • The majority of TER trains do not have first-class coaches. Please see the journey planner for more information. 
  • It is not possible to reserve seats, bicycle or wheelchair spaces. 
  • Do not count on there being catering. 
  • No Wi-Fi. 
  • Not every regional train is wheelchair accessible. 
  • Bicycle spaces: you can take an unpacked bicycle on a number of day trains. Please see the French journey planner for more information. 
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