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  • Unpacked bicycles can only be taken on Nightjet ÖBB Amsterdam Centraal ⇔ Basel SBB / Zürich or between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. There is a bicycle carriage available on these ÖBB Nightjet trains, for which a reservation is required. More information below at Night trains with a bicycle carriage.
  • On other ÖBB Nightjet trains, bicycles can only be taken if they are packed as luggage. More information below at Night trains without a bicycle carriage.


Nightjet trains with a bicycle carriage

  • The following Nightjet trains are equipped with a bicycle carriage:
    • NJ 60402/ 60403: Amsterdam - Basel - Zurich. 
    • NJ 490 / NJ 491 (Vienna-Linz-Hanover-Hamburg v.v.).
    • NK 40420 / NJ 40491 (Innsbruck-Munich-Hamburg v.v.).
    • NJ 466 / NJ 467 (Vienna-Zürich v.v.).
  • The maximum size of an unpacked bicycle is 185 cm length.
  • Electric bicycles are allowed (with a maximum size of 185 cm length).
    • Please note: Charging on board is not possible.
  • Special bicycles such as tandems, three-wheel or reclining bicycles are not allowed.
  • An international bicycle ticket and reservation must always be combined with a passenger ticket.
  • Special bicycles such as tandems, three-wheel or recumbent bicycles are not permitted.


Nightjet trains without a bicycle carriage

  • There is no bicycle carriage available on other Nightjet trains than mentioned above. You can only take your bicycle as luggage on these trains. To do so, the bicycle must be disassembled and packed in a bicycle cover or case 90 x 60 x 40 cm in size.
    • Please note: If you travel on a train within the Netherlands before changing to Nightjet or continue your journey within the Netherlands after having travelled with Nightjet, the maximum size of a bicycle cover or case is 85 x 85 cm.
  • You do not require a ticket for a disassembled and packed bicycle. 
  • Stow the packed bicycle with the other luggage in the luggage racks under the seats and berths. A number of carriagees have larger luggage racks at the front.
  • As with other luggage, bicycles may not be placed in aisles.
  • Bicycles may not hinder other passengers.  


What next

  • A space for an unassembled bicycle in a bicycle carriage requires a ticket with a reservation. The price of a bicycle ticket depends on the route. It can be booked by:
Registering your trip within the Netherlands to the international boarding station
  • The trial period for mandatory bicycle reservations on Dutch domestic trains has ended. The option (and the recommendation) to register a bicycle remains. Passengers can register their bicycle before their journey starts via Treinwijzerin the NS-app or on ns.nl. Registration is possible from two weeks in advance until de time of departure.
International passengers
  • Passengers travelling with a bicycle on Dutch domestic trains can only travel during off-peak hours. This means that you cannot register a bicycle for a train that runs during peak hours. The restriction to travel during off-peak hours does not apply to international travellers. They are also allowed to travel during peak hours upon presentation of their international ticket.
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