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  • There is no maximum size for luggage, however, luggage space is limited on ÖBB Nightjet. It is recommended not to take more than the following travel luggage per person:
    • One case or travel bag
    • One item of hand luggage
  • You must be able to carry your luggage yourself.
  • Place the luggage in the luggage racks above seats and berths. A number of coaches have larger luggage racks at the front.
  • Do not place luggage in the aisles.
  • Luggage must not hinder other passengers.
  • You can take your luggage on ÖBB Nightjet free of charge.
  • Check the customs rules before travelling. Items not permitted by customs or another government body are also prohibited on ÖBB Nightjet. This includes:
    • Replica or toy weapons that could be perceived as real weapons.
    • Ammunition (of any calibre and in any quantity).
    • Explosive or flammable substances (such as lighter fluid, methylated spirits) except in minimal quantities.
    • Fireworks.
    • Medical equipment such as oxygen tanks can be taken with a medical certificate.
Oversized luggage
  • There is no separate space for oversized luggage, and this must also be placed in the regular luggage racks. This includes, for example:
    • Pushchairs.
    • Skis or snowboards packed in a box or cover.
    • Musical instruments.
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