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The TGV has first and second-class coaches. You have various facilities available to you, depending on which class you are in.
Second Class
  • Coach with a central aisle
  • Double seats (two seats next to each other)
  • Table seats (four seats around a table)
First Class 
Baby-changing facilities
  • There are baby-changing facilities in second class on most TGV's. There are, however, no baby-changing facilities on the TGV Duplex.
Bar coach
  • There is a bar coach in coach 4 or 14.
  • Hot and cold drinks, snacks, salads and magazines are available here.
  • You can have a baby's bottle or meal heated up here.
Bicycle spaces
  • No Wi-Fi on the majority of TGV's.
  • Mobile telephones receive good reception.
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