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  • Luggage space is limited. Bicycles (folding or otherwise) or electric bicycles can be taken on board if they have been disassembled and packed.
    • Packing bicycles in packaging other than a bicycle cover or case is not permitted.
    • The bicycle cover or case measures no more than 135 x 85 x 30 cm.
    • The bicycle, including packaging, cannot weight over 32 kg.
    • The bicycle cover or case must be labelled with first name and last name.
    • The bicycle must be placed in the luggage racks or in the entrance vestibule in coach 3/13.
    • Reclining bicycles, bicycle trailers, tandems and Segways are never permitted.
  • If you are taking a packed bicycle, folding bicycle or electric bicycle, you can also take the following on board with you:
    • One item of regular luggage (suitcase, bag or trolley) and one item of hand luggage.
    • Please note: you must be able to carry all of your luggage yourself.
What next
  • Disassemble and pack your bicycle before boarding the train; a non-disassembled bicycle without cover or case will be refused.
  • No separate ticket is required for your packed bicycle.
Registering your trip within the Netherlands to the international boarding station
  • The trial period for mandatory bicycle reservations on Dutch domestic trains has ended. The option (and the recommendation) to register a bicycle remains. Passengers can register their bicycle before their journey starts via Treinwijzerin the NS App or on
International passengers
  • Passengers travelling with a bicycle on Dutch domestic trains can only travel during off-peak hours. This means that you cannot register a bicycle for a train that runs during peak hours. The restriction to travel during off-peak hours does not apply to international travellers. They are also allowed to travel during peak hours upon presentation of their international ticket.
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