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Conditions for bringing a bicycle on IC Brussels
  • A bicycle ticket is only valid on the travel date.
  • Bicycle tickets and reservations are always for 2nd class coaches.
  • Each train has room for a maximum of four bicycles 
  • The four bicycle spaces are reserved for passengers with a valid train ticket and bicyle ticket for IC Brussels.
    • Domestic passengers with a bicycle are referred to a local train. 
  • You may also take the following types of bicycle: reclining bicycle, bicycle with trailer, tandem or e-bike (battery must remain on the bicycle).  
  • One bicycle per person.
  • Groups are not allowed to bring bicycles.
  • Bicycles must be placed in the designated coach, indicated with a pictogram of two bicycles on the doors.
  • A free label attached to the bicycle is not necessary.
  • The price of an international bicycle ticket depends on the route. The bicycle reservation is free. 
    • The reservation is mandatory only from 9 June up to and including 15 September, for all types of bicycles. 
    • The reservation is only valid on the IC Brussels stated on the ticket and/or booking confirmation.
  • You are personally responsible for loading and unloading the bicycle.
  • All luggage must be removed from the bicycle during the journey.
  • Segways are only permitted as an appliance for passengers with a disability, who hold a disability pass and/or carry a disability sticker on the appliance.
  • A folding bicycle is allowed as free luggage. 
What next
  • You can purchase a bicycle ticket for Belgium and Luxembourg from:
    • NSI Customer Service on +31 30 2300023
    • NS Service shops (NS or NS International desks) at the station.
    • Travel Agents
  • While travelling with a bicycle at peak hours is discouraged to avoid crowding, this is permitted when travelling internationally.
Please note
  • The number of spaces for unpacked bicycles in IC Brussels is very limited (4 per train). Please take into account that the reservations for your preferred train can be sold out.
  • Within Belgium it is not allowed to take a bicycle to Brussel Centraal, Brussel Congres, Brussel Kapellekerk and between Libramont and Bastogne.
International passengers
  • Passengers travelling with a bicycle on Dutch domestic trains can only travel during off-peak hours. This restriction does not apply to international travellers. They are also allowed to travel during peak hours upon presentation of their international ticket.

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