When can I book my destination?

It is up to the various carriers to decide when train tickets go on sale, but this is not the same for all international trains.
  • Eurostar to Belgium/France: 
    • Eurostar to Belgium/France: 4 months before departure
    • Eurostar Snow: booking from the beginning of September for the whole winter season
    • Eurostar Sun: booking from the beginning of March for the whole summer season
  • Eurostar to London: 
    • Eurostar Amsterdam CS - London  (direct train): 330 days before departure
    • Eurostar and Intercity Brussels (transfer at Brussel-Zuid/Midi): 180 days before departure
    • Eurostar to London and Eurostar to Belgium/France (transfer at Brussel-Zuid/Midi): 4 months before departure
  • Intercity Brussels: 4 months before departure
  • Intercity Berlin: 180 days before departure
  • ICE International: 180 days before departure
Check also the Questions and answers page about early bird booking.

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